Engagements at Inside Jewelers

Why Shop with Nick?

Is there a better compliment or example of customer loyalty than a guy who bought his engagement ring from Nick 30 years ago bringing in his son or prospective son-in-law to buy his ring too?  Maybe if it is the mother bringing in her son-right?  Both happen at Inside Jewelers! Nick has spent all his years in business cultivating these types of special, long time relationships with his customers—many met over their first jewelry purchase—the diamond engagement ring.   

Nick has been selling engagement rings and wedding bands in Delaware County for 35+ years.  All this experience has provided Nick with top-notch contacts for loose diamonds and the latest and most requested styles in diamond mountings.    

Please stop in to see Nick and let him educate you about what you need to consider when making a diamond purchase.   The atmosphere is relaxed and no pressure—Nick promises!